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2022 Indoor Season

We had a very successful indoor season. The highlight was earning Team trophies in all 3 youth age groups at the 2022 S3DA Indoor Championships!

Outdoor Target Season

We are looking forward to shooting farther distances and bigger targets. The archery discipline of the Olympics is coming soon. 

RSA will host several JOAD/Adult Achievement Outdoor Target Pin Shoots from May to September. 

In addition, we will have several Invitational Events for Youth Only using the S3DA Outdoor Target format to prepare for the S3DA Outdoor Target Nationals being held in Fairfield, OH in July.

3D Season

We are SO ready to get outside with some fresh air and FOAM ANIMALS!

If you are new to 3D we will be hosting a 3D Meeting to go over all things 3D including the S3DA Youth competition rules and regulations. Mark your calendars for March 20th at 1pm. 

Check out our calendar for S3DA (youth) and ASA (all ages) 3D events near us!


Mr. Gary takes pride in a well tuned bow. Bring yours by for installation of any accessory, repair or set up. 


We embrace YOUR right to make decisions that are RIGHT for you and your family. 

We are operating by appointment only. Adequate social distancing is available. You determine what your experience looks like. We work to make it happen. 

We have a lot of group sessions for all ages and can accomodate smaller sessions for your comfort, too. 

Improving Archery through Biblical Truths

What are you looking for?

  • A climate controlled Indoor Archery Range? 
  • A great group of archers?
  • To try archery out?
  • To book a birthday party?
  • To schedule a Team Building Event for your organization?
  • To participate in an Archery League?
  • To learn to improve your own shot?
  • To join a team to compete recreationally or ultra-competitively?
  • To improve your coaching techniques?
  • To schedule a workshop for your team with Coach Kim?

We have opportunities for you!

Coach Kim Rigney

Coach Kim Rigney

10041 Palm Road, Chatham IL 62629

Phone: 217.341.7601

Rigney's School of Archery 

Was founded on faith and a dream. God has gifted each of us with talents and we hope to use ours to show love and faith to others. We accomplish this by being examples (flawed as everyone is), teaching and speaking with truth and love, using God's little instruction book (Bible) to apply to all areas of life and learning. 

We have been blessed and hope to share this with others. 

RSA offers all levels of training from first shots to first teams, from first competition to National Champions, from elementary to Collegiate to Seniors. From completely able-bodied to Para National Teams. We have worked with them all and can help you improve!


We are working hard to make this website as user friendly and informative as possible.