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Ready for Fall? Scouting? What about your equipment? Order your NEW STRINGS by August 31st to be sure and have them ready for OPENING DAY!

Improving Archery through Biblical Truths

What are you looking for?

  • A climate controlled Indoor Archery Range? 
  • A great group of archers?
  • To try archery out?
  • To book a birthday party?
  • To schedule a Team Building Event for your organization?
  • To participate in an Archery League?
  • To learn to improve your own shot?
  • To join a team to compete recreationally or ultra-competitively?
  • To improve your coaching techniques?
  • To schedule a workshop for your team with Coach Kim?

We have opportunities for you!

JOAD Outdoor Target

AUGUST 22 is our next JOAD & Adult Achievement Outdoor Target  Pin Shoot


Appointments every 30 minutes to ensure adequate distancing

Coach Kim Rigney

Coach Kim Rigney

10041 Palm Road, Chatham IL 62629

Phone: 217.341.7601

Rigney's School of Archery 

Was founded on faith and a dream. God has gifted each of us with talents and we hope to use ours to show love and faith to others. We accomplish this by being examples (flawed as everyone is), teaching and speaking with truth and love, using God's little instruction book (Bible) to apply to all areas of life and learning. 

We have been blessed and hope to share this with others. 

RSA offers all levels of training from first shots to first teams, from first competition to National Champions, from elementary to Collegiate to Seniors. From completely able-bodied to Para National Teams. We have worked with them all and can help you improve!

WOW! 2020 Happened

Well, 2020 was off to an incredible start. In February, we were even thinking we would need to expand. We were so busy and growing so quickly. Then March rolled around and we went to our last big event, IL S3DA State. We had our team wrap-ups including dinners and then....we all went home. 

HOME.....a safe place. HOME...full of family. HOME....where hope grows. But for Coach Kim, HOME was SO QUIET and SO LONELY. One week of HOME and I started working at a grocery store. It saved my life! People! We were built for community and to LOVE OTHERS. 

2020 keeps throwing punches. Most of us keep rolling with them. But with unemployment and suicide rates soaring, we are ABUNDANTLY BLESSED to still be in business. We embrace YOUR right to make decisions that are RIGHT for you and your family. 

We are operating by appointment only. We offer indoor and outdoor shooting. Adequate social distancing is available. You determine what your experience looks like. We work to make it happen. 

Please keep PRAYING for

  • the health of our families and friends and nation
  • the politicians that drive so many of the changes of 2020
  • the HOMES that are not safe, not loving, and not fed
  • the hearts that ache, the brains that are worried, the hands that are tired, and the feet that pace

To find out more about our latest developments, go to the NEWS tab under our HOME page.


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